Small House – $150

Up to 8 rooms or 1600 sqft + one extra*


Medium House – $210

Up to 13 rooms or 3000 sqft + one extra


Large House – $275

Up to 17 rooms or 4000 sqft  + one extra*

What does it include?

Each package includes a deep cleaning of the space as described below.

Small house: up to 8 rooms or up to 1600 sqft.

Medium house: up to 13 rooms or up to 3000 sqft.

Large house: up to 17 rooms or up to 4000 sqft.

The recipient can choose one extra.

Delivery options:

* Pearland – Rosharon – Iowa Colony, Manvel and Alvin only

** The gift certificate is valid until August 14th 2020

*** The gift certificate may not be reimbursed but may be transferred

gift certificate

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