“Julie was the one working with us for a very long time in order to increase our visibility not just online, but locally in Friendswood where our business is located. Her work has allowed our business to be at the top of Google in different categories and key words. Her service and dedication  is incredible. We always get more than what is expected. She takes all the necessary actions to achieve our goals and much more. She is very easy to work with and she always have great insights to get more clients in. We just love her!”

Dr. Gregoire – Mind & Body Solutions www.nutrition-houston.com


“We now maintain a first position on Google.com search result for at least a three years now.   We definitely got an increase in traffic.

They research vigorously about their client’s services and products.”

T. Lemaire – France Caviar www.france-caviar.com


“Their campaigns went above and beyond my expectations. To further illustrate what was needed, let me give you a bit of background:

My business is the only Russian Martial art school in Hong Kong and as you might probably have guessed by its name, in Bruce Lee’s native city with its known Asian martial arts culture and traditions, this made my school the proverbial needle in the city and in the cyberspace haystack.

Due to the nature of our business and its turnaround, the increases in our sales is something spread out on the long term but what we do conduct with every new student is to verify with them where they became aware of our school and the response of almost all of them is the same: through Google.

This is true as much from local folk as from people coming from out of town looking to try something unusual.

Russian Martial arts in hong kong are a niche in themselves but as mentioned before, they managed to exceed my expectations and get me to show up in “Martial art Hong Kong” thus not only making me visible to folks looking for Russian Martial arts but to all looking for martial arts in this beautiful city.”

J. Litalien – Systema Hong Kong  www.systemahongkong.com


They are very good to work with and seems very knowledgeable about Marketing and other areas. Several changes and updates have been made to my website to help attract clients and new offerings and promotions will be posted soon. We have discussed this issues ( that I had) and they are determined to working towards rectifying the issue of conversions to income/business/clients for me. 

M. Thibodeau – Nu Healings www.nuhealings.com

Julie is the one of the most professional, smart and trustworthy individuals in the online marketing community.

We have found her strategies and planning to improve branding and online presence of websites to be highly effective

We have worked with her on several projects with excellent results

We have worked with Julie for over 5 years and could not recommend her highly enough.

A Shalid – Avant Garde (Pvt.) Ltd.