How can you ask for a testimonial?

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Let’s make it clear, a fake testimonial is easy to do.

” I used your products for 6 month and I have seen a huge difference, I can’t believe what I see everyday when I look at myself in the mirror” – P. Martin
20 seconds…

Such testimonials have no credibility and can even harm your business. However, a proper testimonial is a great marketing tool.

1- Ask for full name and location
2- If you can get a testimonial from a well-known person, go for it.
3- If you can get a picture, even better.
4- People love stories..


How to ask?

The best way to ask your satisfied clients, is to ask them personally. Write them an email or ask them in person.
Also, make sure you make it easy for them. Where should they go? You need a testimonial on Angie list, Google Place, Yelp? Provide a direct link.

Some businesses reward their clients if they write a testimonial… I don’t like the approach. A testimonial should be made without any pressure.

Make them write their enthusiasm!

client: – I’m so happy I finally got my computer fixed. The other companies I visited told me I would have to buy a new one.
Business owner: – I’m very honest with my clients because overtime, they will remember me. If you are satisfied, I would greatly appreciate if you could write us a testimonial. I’ll send you the link.
Testimonials are very effective and free! Don’t be lazy and do it properly.