What is a good reputation

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What is a good reputation?

A reputation is harder to build than to destroy. You can spend years in building a good reputation.. but this could be vanished in a matter of hours.
Your professional reputation is the key to success.  If your reputation is lacking or if you fail to build a good one, you will be unable to grow: no business partner, no affiliate,no new customer, no returning customer, no money lending, no employee…
A good reputation is the bag of good experiences you carry with you.  Good experiences toward your customers but also toward your financial institutions, business partners, affiliates, employees, suppliers etc.
A good reputation is the ability for others to identify good faith in the way you conduct your business.
The top 5 reasons why businesses end up with a stained reputation:
1- Advertise more than they deliver
If you advertise you can deliver your pizza in 30 minutes, make sure you can make it at least 95% of the time.  If you fail, have a plan B ( free pizza?).
2-  Don’t resolve conflicts
If you receive a complaint from a customer, try to make him happy..  yes sometimes, it may seem impossible ( the old ” The customer is always right” non sense :).
3- Make false claims
If you make the claim to buy only local products…  remember that China is overseas.
4- Lack customer service
Once a customer paid and received your product or service, he’s still a customer and should be treated like a potential customer.
5- Fail to provide a good experience
Your clients, patients, partners, employees should leave your place of business with a smiley face.  A smiley face is 30% contagious while an angry face is 90% contagious.  When people are angry, they are more likely to speak about their bad experience.  A good experience is always expected.
How can you build a good reputation?
1- Offer more than what your customers expect.
Being the best can be your standard.. but don’t claim it just yet.
2- Remember that everyone is a business representative
A person leaving your place of business can speak freely about you… never underestimate the marketing power of your employees.
3- Focus on delivering “a wish comes true”
If you don’t feel your customers are completely amazed by your “solution”, make an extra effort.  Once again: A smiley face is 30% contagious while an angry face is 90% contagious
How can we help?
We can advertise your good reputation.  A reputation always comes from “outside”, you can’t promote your own reputation, you need a third party. Think about it, any business can pretend to be the best … but we need evidence.
We have the formula to promote your reputation.  We know where to advertise, we know how to make your excellent feedback stands out.  We also know how to hide your no so good customer experiences… cause, let’s be honest, no matter what you do, some customers may be a pain.  That’s the plain truth.  Don’t let them ruin months or even years of effort.
The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear – Socrates