Is SEO on life support?

Posted On : Thursday, March 19th, 2015| By

Somehow yes…

Search Engine Optimization became very popular a couple of years ago when marketers discovered that search engines
were using their own algorithm to sort websites by search inquiries.
Their first algorithm was not very intricate and it was very easy for “SEO Experts” to fake a good reputation.
Building backlinks was the way to go. You could pay less than $100 and get thousands of backlinks made by a data entry robot.
Now, backlinks still count but “quality” is much more important than “quantity”.

Every year, Google ( the main actor) is adjusting its rules to meet user needs ( NOT marketer needs ).
To be published at the top of the page for certain keywords, you want to optimize for your potential clients and your qualified traffic.
We do not optimize solely for search engines.

These are the 5 most important actions you can take to become a success story.

1- Great looking website
2- Authentic reviews
3- Social media signals
4- A little something special
5- Brand mentions

We’ll review each action in future posts!